When you purchase a service or schedule an appointment with us, you are also creating a meaningful change in the world. Because for every service purchased from us to meet your needs, you are directly supporting a child in need

We strongly feel that the purpose of our business is to make a difference. BEC is not about creating excessive wealth for ourselves, we believe in doing what we can to help others. This is why we exist and why we’re in business. BEC Foundation is OUR not for profit organization that allows us to deliver on our WHY. Through child sponsorship and projects, we are having great impact.

For every BEC Electricians on the road, a child in need is sponsored.

We have partnered with various charity organizations for our One Man One Child initiative and our support is focused in the rural communities in Nigeria, Africa and counting. This concentrated effort enables the BEC team to visit these communities.

It is transforming to build relationships and offer further support through larger projects.