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Popular Question

How Soon Can You Get Here?

We always try to respond immediately and work on Emergency and smaller job. Larger project are scheduled with you to meet your deadlines and coordinate with other sub utility companies. We even refund back 20% service cost if we don’t respond or deliver on any given project within time.

Others ways are a good lightning protections or earthling/grounding.

Can I Plug A New Refrigerator Anywhere?

At bowwood electrical we suggest a dedicated circuitry for AC, cooker unit, refrigerator, toasters, dryers, washing machine, etc…. take note this circuitry should not be GFCI protected like alot of receptacle found in kitchen and garages… a dedicated circuit will protect your fridge from tripping, which directly affect the compressor especially when using Generators..

Why Is My Light Switch Hot?

When you reach your light switch to turn it off and you noticed it is hot to the touch, you have a problem. This is not a normal phenomenon and its indicate that you are in a serious issues hiding behind

Service Question

Is My Job Too Small For You?

When we started bowwood electrical, we accepted jobs on the premises that we help everyone.. We don’t handpick project or discriminate any job no matter how small, dirty or challenging over 7 years plus we have continue to solve electrical needs and challenges for both small, medium and large scale customers across the state. We can bulbs, hang Christmas lights, change remote batteries, and good number of high profile jobs, challenging jobs and projects.

How Do I Schedule Appointment? What If I Work During Your Business Hours?

YES! You can call us, whatapp or use our booking app to get an instant response anytime anyday anywhere same price.

Where Can I Find More Information?

whatsapp or call us on 09078652960

DIY advice

At Bowwood electrical Services, we advise against making your electrical repairs a do-it-yourself project. First and foremost, some electrical projects require a permit. Additionally, there is a large risk of being shocked or starting a fire when working with electrical wiring. Finally, attempting to do them yourself could cause more serious damages than you began with, as well as costly repairs. For your safety and for your wallet, we recommend calling an expert electrician to perform any home electrical projects.

Why Can’t I Just Do My Own Electrical Wiring?

Licensed electricians are required to know the current electrical code of their sate and electrical grid companies, if you go to the extent of changing or adding electrical wiring or equipment yourself you ought to do it with the current electrical code/ standard practical for your own good.

Also the professional will purchase the correct material at the correct exchange rate, eliminating possible waste which can save you good amount of money at the end.

Most importantly there is always a risk of electrocution and arc burns when doing electrical repairs and installation.

Not to mention that incorrect electrical work has a nasty reputation for starting electrical fire

What Can I Do To Protect My Home Or Asset From Electrical Fire?

Firstly hire a license electrician to take a look at your home, take their advice..

A newly technology in our trade is the arcfault breaker, and they are no1 KAB recommended protection. An arcffault breaker are needed to be installed on new buildings and can also be added to older wirings to greater detect sparks around the electrical systems, thereby automatically isolating the affected area.

Others ways are a good lightning protections or earthling/grounding.

Does Bowwood Electrical Charge For Estimate?

We are always willing to estimate your electrical project for free when you know what needs, installed, maintain, upgrade or new construction, we only charge for estimate if it requires a 3D illustration or any sort of design.

However troubleshooting an unknown electrical issues is an hourly rate with a minimum service charge of 2hours. In our experience, it takes more time to detect the problem than repair it, so we take our time to repair it while we are called out to take a look at it.