Our Services

Our Services
Where Ever You Need Us We Are At Hand To Help With All Your Electrical Installation Or Maintenance Goals And Needs.

We can help you with Residential, Commercial and Industrial electrical installation and maintenance services on any size facilities, homes and co-operate bodies.

Need an Electrician for Your home?

Our Residential Electricians are friendly, clean and always arrive on time and offer warranty on repair and installation with reasonable and competitive pricing.
Check out more VALUES our residential customers’ enjoy.

Need an Electrician For Your Business?

whether you’re a small business or a corporate enterprise, we can provide solution for all your electrical needs- from fit-out to maintenance management and more!

Industrial Electrician

We make it our business to keep yours running smoothly ad efficiently from emergency breakdowns to preventive maintenance and advice, we have got you covered.

Electrical Assets Management

We can provide data-driven solutions to ensure assets are aligned to your business objectives.

Electrical Drafting and Design

we can deliver a well design layout using CAD software’s a method of planning for the electrical loads requirements using load estimation method rather than measurement …


Our team will work closely with you to design the best solar solution for your business. With end-to-end support from our team, we will assist with working through grid connection, statutory approvals and applications for available rebates, as well as access to solar monitoring solutions.

Air Conditioner

To install the home air conditioner units of a split system, you must first have an idea of where your units will be based. For the indoor unit, you’ll need at..
we can help you decide, install and maintain

Preventive Maintenance and maintenance

We offer an immediate response to your urgent electrical problems. We understand the operational impact that electrical breakdowns can have on your business, that’s why we have a rapid response team to solve your electrical problems, and get you back online as soon as possible.
Our experienced and strategically located teams offer prompt service and priority calls outs in emergency situations. We utilize the latest GPS and scheduling technology to locate and dispatch the nearest service vehicle to your location.

Security systems

CCTV, Alarm circuit, burglar system…etc…


  • Child Profs outlets                                                          
  • Electrical safety inspection.                                             
  • Whole house surge protection for commercial users.      
  • Lighting audit.                                                                  .
  • Wire inspection.                                                              
  • Circuit breakers inspection&replacement.                       .
  • EFCN (Ground faulty circuitinterrupter)
  • AFCI (Arc Faults circuits ‘interrupter)   (with equipment.) Domestic Satellite installation (DS TV, STRONG, etc)


  • Smoke detector.
  • Alarm circuit.
  • Power consumption Meta.
  • Solar energy.
  • Close circuit camera. CCTV.  
  • Intercom system PABX.                                                         
  • Installation of waters heater,                                        
  • Installation of washing machine                                       
  • Installation of Air Conditioners (AC).     


  • Installation of Special lighting (chandelier etc)             
  • Landscape lighting.                
  • Holiday lighting (charismas lights etc)                
  • Bathroom and Kitchen Light Upgrade      
  • Recessed lighting.                   
  • Light control switches  & sensors
  • Exhaust kitchen fans.                       
  • Ceiling fans installation.         
  • Bulb replacements
  • Earthling             
  • Installation of lighting arrestor for Residential and commercial Properties
  • Panel installation & upgrade for Residential and commercial users
  • Panel installation and upgrade for Residential and commercial users       
  • Residential and commercial generator installation        
  • Residential and commercial load servicing
  • Residential and commercial update of existing circuit line               

What Clients Say About Us

YES! We are good at what we do, we take pride in excellent workmanship, but even better we are passionate about giving you an unforgettable experience. Sincerely we can’t wait to meet you.

Olowu Christopher
    Olowu Christopher

    Pastor Salvation Ministries

    Outstanding and convenient electrical service company to use. Keep it up guys.

    Kris Jeremiah
      Kris Jeremiah

      Managing Director Swizz Hotel

      They met my expectations wen it came to anything d job they do.. One of the best, if I do say so myself.

      John Doe
        John Doe


        Bowwood electrical company is a very nice and beautiful place where u can find what u are looking for there.


          Business Owner

          For integrity and durability there are number one.

          mikako Rita
            mikako Rita


            Greatly it is due to have this company existing, Bowwood Electrical Company is really one of d best electrical company mostly known allover d world ,Bowwood Electrical company Cary keep on moving

            nwafor john
              nwafor john

              Business Owner

              fast electrical services.

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              When you purchase a service or schedule an appointment with us, you are also creating a meaningful change in the world. Because for every service purchased from us to meet your needs, you are directly supporting a child in need.