Lightning and Surge Protection

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Toward the end of every Rainey season proceeds heavy thunderstorms and lighting which leads to power surge on electrical installations at home an offices,

To avoid damage on your appliances or cause harm to your kids at home, schools, staffs and customers etc.

Necessary precautions and professional protection have to be taken.

This dangers includes

Fire outbreak,

Power surge,

Shock wave etc.

When I was a kid I thought that whoever controlled

Lightning, controlled the world.

Little did I know then that one cannot control the uncontrollable?

Instead, we just try to understand it.

In pursing understanding, some people chase storms. I seem

to chase the storm’s effects on electrical systems.

i got to a house after the damage is done

Telephone systems gone up in smoke, pump control

Boxes blown across the room, burnt Television, sound systems, freezers, fried computers, and fried Sumo pumps, from various lighting strikes.

Though nobody can stop a direct strike, we have never had an

Induced-voltage lightning problem we couldn’t solve—and we have

Had some pretty bad ones.

The worst is always a Residential and commercial buildings.

Lightning will induce voltage in the long line and the house on the line catches the full surge and equipment’s get blown up.

These are houses where people unplug everything during a lightning storm because they are tired of replacing items always.

If we can solve those Problems, I can solve yours.

This Lightning strike is much more severe around MAY runs unto late AUGUST

Protecting yourself and your home from the effects of lightning is not a big deal. If you understand how the surges get into the house, it’s an easy jump to adding equipment to keep them out.

The trick here is choosing the right equipment (I’ve installed a lot that worked and few that didn’t’ work). Ranging from residential buildings, Estates, commercial building in different industries across different state in Nigeria.

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Beside don’t you think since equipment’s are foreign and speedily adding price, you need to protect and preserve yours?

You won’t want to replace your TV screen or other home entertainment and utility equipment’s soonest, right?

I tell you it has been field-tested and actually does what it claims.

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