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As an electrical engineer it is normal to face some challenges or problems while carrying out any electrical wiring,

but what really matters is how to tackle this problems in order to deliver an outstanding work that suit’s the betterment of your client.

Electrical malfunction causes more than 50,000 house fire each year, according to ‘Electrical Safety Foundation International’.

With every electrical wiring, there is always the potential for costly and stressful mistakes,

especially if you have entrusted your electrical work to someone who didn’t have the experience

or the knowledge to make sure the task was done correctly.

Electrical mistakes during wiring a house or installation services can be extremely dangerous,

posting a significant fire hazard to the home and threatening to cost the owner a lot of time and hassle to sort out.

Problems that are associated with wiring a house includes;

  1. Insecure Wiring: the staples that hold your wiring in place need to be driven into a fairly precise degree. If they aren’t driven in far enough, your wires will be loose and could come loose, and if they are driven in too tight around the can actually cause the wire to become damaged. If your wiring is stapled too tightly against the beam or stud, the wire itself can start to break down, causing lighting and appliances powered through it to have issues and can lead to electrical fires.
  2. Wrong Wiring Sizes: if the electrician you have entrusted your electrical wiring to uses the wrong type of size of wire for your home, you could have a serious problem on your hands. The wrong size of type of wire can quickly cause it to overheat and possibly start a fire as the wiring could be forced to carry more electrical current than it was built to withstand. In most cases, the thicker the wire, the more current if can safely carry, so it is extremely important to have the right size wiring for your home.
  3. Connections: making sure your wiring connections are tight and secure is an important part of any electrical installation. Loose connections can cause arcing and overheating, which can easily lead to house fires and personal injury. An experienced electrician will be able to find the right connectors for your wires and make sure everything is lined up properly to ensure a tight connection.
  4. Improper Wire Length: in order to create an effective wiring connection, sections of your electrical wiring need to be stripped down to their metallic core. And if you have entrusted your electrical wiring to someone without this knowledge, you could be looking at some serious and costly issues in the future when it has to be redone. In addition, if the person performing your work improperly strips your wiring, you could have nicks on the metal that can interrupt connections and cause short circuits.

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