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It is very important to maintain anything in life and when I mean anything it includes your health, car, clothes, home, relationships and whereas electricity.

ELECTRICAL MAINTENANCE is the process of ensuring that electrical equipment’s which includes (cctv camera, solar panels, bulbs, switches street lights, electric poles, transformers, turbines etc.) is kept in good working order. It includes inspection, testing, and repairing electrical equipment as necessary to prevent problems that could lead to a loss of power or an electrical fire.

Regularly maintained equipment is more energy efficient. Wear and tear can stress components leading to diminishing operation. Replacing worn equipment rather than waiting for something to break can save you thousands in repair costs. Extend the life of your existing electrical equipment by properly maintaining it.


Power reliability is crucial for all homes, industries, business centers since they rely upon it for their day- to-day operations/activities. However, when electrical distribution systems operate without a maintenance program, they are at significant risk. In other words, they are waiting for an incident to take them down. Unfortunately, many businesses do not consider their electrical equipment’s until a problem occurs, establishing a regularly scheduled plan for your electrical equipment’s is the first step in implementing preventative maintenance. Here are some reasons for electrical maintenance;

  1. It ensures electrical equipment’s availability…
  2. Maximum electrical efficiency…
  3. Minimize electrical interruptions…
  4. Reduce future repair costs…


How can one carry out electrical maintenance? Well is by implementing an electrical maintenance plan

Most of the electrical maintenance is based on monitoring the condition of the equipment, performing condition-based maintenance and occasionally.

An electrical maintenance plan is scheduled list of maintenance techniques carried out on specific electrical equipment’s in order to improve their functionalities. The techniques includes;

  1. Preventive maintenance
  2. Predictive maintenance
  3. Failure finding maintenance
  4. Reactive or corrective maintenance


Been able to carry out an electrical maintenance can also come with some good benefits that can be of advantage to homes, industries, business centers etc. these benefits includes;

  1. Improve energy efficiency…
  2. Increase productivity and morale…
  3. Save time and money…
  4. Improve safety…
  5. Preserve expensive appliances…

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